Volunteer Fire Department

Information updated February 2020

Members of the Lester Prairie Fire Department serve the city of Lester Prairie and the neighboring townships.

In 2019, the department responded to 138 calls for assistance, expending 1,487 man-hours. Another 950 hours were spent on training. Most of the calls (88) were medical-related or vehicle crashes. There were 14 fire calls in 2019.

Other requests included motor vehicle crashes (15), service calls (six), false alarms (four), hazardous condition calls: gas leak, down power lines, (eight), and good intent calls: cancelled en route (13); six service calls (assist police, lift assist) and five severe weather calls.

Following is the breakdown by district for those calls:

• City of Lester Prairie – 87

• Bergen Township – 25

• Winsted Township – 20

• Out of area (mutual aid) – 6

Officers for 2020 are:

Matt Tonn – Chief 1

Dave Horsman – Chief 2

Steve Dietel – Chief 3

Scott Christenson – Captain 1

Keith Christen – Captain 2

Chris Bahr – Captain 3/Training Officer

Tifanie Shimanski – Secretary

Paul Christensen – Treasurer

Relief asssociation officers for 2020 are:

Josh Foust – President

Wade Schultz – Vice President

Keith Christen – Secretary

Paul Christensen – Treasurer

Current firefighters in Lester Prairie include:

Don Artmann, Josh Artmann, Chris Bahr, Keith Christen, Paul Christensen, Scott Christenson, Kevin Danielzuk*, Paul Dhoore, Shadd Dial, Steve Dietel, Dave Dressler, Chris Ehalt, Jeff Forcier, Nick Fosdick, Josh Foust, Jim Hoof, Aaron Hoover, Dave Horsman, Josh Lamp, Mike Lindberg, Luke Meyer, Chris Mike, Fred Pawelk, Mike Schauer, Jeff Schrupp, Wade Schultz, Tifanie Shimanski, Matt Tonn, Maurice Tonn

(*Indicates new probationary member)

The department also has auxiliary members, who need to be employed in the city of Lester Prairie and be active members of another qualified fire department.

Currently, these members are Dan Ruschmeier of the New Germany Fire Department, and Dan Kroells of the Green Isle Fire Department.

Lester Prairie’s fire department is always accepting applications for new membership. People age 18 and older who are in good physical condition are eligible to apply. There is no maximum age limit, but firefighters have to pass a physician’s exam to ensure they are in good health. For more information or to request an application, email lpfd630@embarqmail.com or contact any fire department member