City Services/Ordinances

Information updated February 2020

Building permits

In 1997, the city adopted the Minnesota state building code. Under the code, a building permit is required for any improvements (new, repair, remodel, or replacement.) Any questions regarding repairs or improvements to property may be directed to the city clerk or to the city building inspector.

House numbers

House numbers should be easily visible from the street to better locate your home in an emergency situation. Numbers should be in

contrast to the house color, and be made of a reflective material.

Winter parking

No parking is allowed on city streets from Nov. 1 to  April 1 between 2 and 6 a.m. That time is extended following snowfalls greater than 2 inches, until the street is plowed curb-to-curb.

There is also no parking on downtown streets from 2 to 6 a.m. year-round.

Snow removal

Sidewalks must be cleared within 12 hours after the snow stops falling. Residents may not blow snow onto city streets.

Garbage pickup

Garbage pickup is every Monday, and garbage should be at curbside by 6:30 a.m. The city contracts with Waste Management for garbage removal.

Residents are allowed 32; 64; or 96-gallon containers. Containers are available by calling the city at 320-395-2646.

Garbage service is billed monthly, along with city utility bills.

Curbside recycling service

Curbside single-sort recycling service is every  other Monday. Containers must be at curbside by 6:30 a.m.

Acceptable products are newsprint (non-shiny), glass, aluminum cans, tin cans, rinsed and labels removed; and plastics, long-necked and with a recycling symbol on the bottom of the bottle. Junk mail and bundled cardboard are also accepted.

Bins are available by contacting city hall.

Hazardous waste drop-off center

Acceptable materials are latex and oil based paints, driveway tars and sealers, pool chemicals and acids, cleansers and cleaners, weed and bug killers, and many other common hazardous household wastes.

• Household Hazardous Waste Facility 1065 Fifth Ave. SE, Hutchinson. Tuesday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Water and sewer

The city bills for water and sewer usage on a monthly basis. Rates are based on a service charge plus a charge per 1,000 gallons used.  Meters are automatically read.

Failure to pay a utility bill results in a $30 service charge and/or the water being turned off. Water is turned on upon payment of the utility bill plus a $30 service charge.

If you are moving, contact the city clerk at 320-395-2646 for a final meter reading, with forwarding address, moving date, and the new owner’s name.

City utilities

Cable – Cable television is available to all residents from Mediacom Cable. If you would like to connect to cable television or have any problems with cable television, call Mediacom at 1-800-332-0245. For repairs: 800-422-1473

Electric – Xcel Energy, customer service: 800-895-4999, emergency or lights out: 800-895-1999, homesmart: 800-238-7378, business solution center: 800-481-4700.

McLeod Co-op Power, 1231 Ford Avenue, Glencoe, MN 55336. Customer Service 800-494-6272, outages 800-927-5685.

Gas – CenterPoint Energy, 2400 Riverfront Dr., Mankato, MN, customer service, 800-245-2377; emergency only (gas leaks), 800-722-9326; TTY/voice, 888-321-4977. Call Gopher State before you dig 800-252-1166.


CenturyLink, business office:  800-788-3500, repair service: 24 hours a day 800-788-3600, or TDD/TTY: 800-627-3529.

OHMs, ATVs, and snowmobiles

OHM (Off Highway Motorcycles), ATV (All Terrain Vehicles), and snowmobiles must be registered or licensed by the State of Minnesota and must abide by all state and local regulations. You can obtain a copy of the OHM, ATV, Snowmobile ordinance at City Hall or the Police Department. The city only allows snowmobiles and OHMs on First Avenue North, Central Avenue, Second Avenue South, and Pine Street South. NO snowmobiles, OHMs, or ATVs are allowed after 10 p.m. unless coming into or leaving the city. NO OHMs, ATVs, or snowmobiles are allowed in the city parks or on the trail east of McLeod County Road 9. The maximum speed is 15 mph within the city limits. Snowmobiles are allowed on the trail along the former Dakota Rail corridor west of McLeod County Road 9.

Motorized scooters

A person may operate a scooter in city limits, as long as they abide by state statute 169.225 which includes the following requirements: the driver is over the age of 12, wearing proper head gear, has working lights on the scooter, must be on the road and not the sidewalk, and isn’t carrying more than one person.


Recreational fires are allowed if they are within city guidelines. Please check with city hall before burning.

Dog and cat licenses

The city does not require licenses for dogs or cats, but they must be on a leash when not on the owner’s property. Dogs or cats running at large will be impounded. Charges are $30 per day paid to the city, plus boarding fees paid to the vet clinic.

Diseased trees

Boulevard trees that are storm-damaged or diseased will be removed by the city. No boulevard tree can be removed without consent of the city.

Brush/compost site

The brush site is seasonal, April through October, weather permitting, and is only for brush and tree limbs under 4 inches in diameter.

The compost site is for leaves, lawn clippings and garden waste.

Both sites are located south of the city park.

Call city hall for days and times the site will be open for use.

City hall rental

The city of Lester Prairie has one room available for public use at city hall.

Lester Prairie residents can rent the room for $150. For non-residents, the rent is $225. A $300 damage deposit is required, and those using the room are responsible for cleanup.

Alcohol may be provided for guests at private functions, but may not be sold in the facility.

Anyone who would like more information, or to rent the room, may contact the city office during regular business hours.